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Posted - 08/07/2005 :  16:45:00  Show Profile  Email Poster Send duci a Private Message  Reply with Quote
1. "Mössbauer Studies on Moci(Romania) Meteorite",
D. Barb, M. Morariu, L. Diamandescu, V. Znamirovschi, D. Ciurchea, A. Motiu,
Annales de Geophysique, vol. 38 (1982), p. 875-879.
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2. "Transport Properties of YBa2(Cu1-xZnx)3O7-ä Films",
Gh. Ilonca, A.V. Pop, M. Ye, M. Mehbod, G. Debrue, D. Ciurchea, R. Deltour,
Supercond. Sci. Technol., 8, (1995), p. 642-646.
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3. "Statistical Representation of the Excess Conductivity in a Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconductor",
D. Ciurchea, A.V. Pop, O. Cozar, Gh. Ilonca, V.I. Geru, L.A. Konopko,
Supercond. Sci. Technol., 9, (1996), p. 88-92.
Cited by:
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4. "Texture, Morphology and Deformation Mechanisms in â Transformed
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Journal of Nuclear Materials, 231, (1996), p. 83-91.
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5. "Least squares analysis of ammonia diffusion through PTFE membranes"
I. Tarsiche, E. Hopîrtean, D. Ciurchea,
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6. "AC Susceptibility Study of the Inter- and Intragranular Properties in (Bi,Pb):2223 Superconductor "
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7. "Effect of Fe substitution for Cu in the mixed state of (Bi,Pb):2223 superconductor"
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8. "Iron doping effect on composition and microstructure of Bi2.05 Sr1.9Ca1.05(Cu1-xFex)2O8+d (0<x<0.15) samples"
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9. "Permeability of PTFE Studied with a Potentiometric SO2-Sensitive Sensor"
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10. "Transport Properties and a.c. Susceptibilities of (Bi1.6Pb0.4) (Sr1.8Ba0.2)Ca2(Cu1-xNix)3Oy Superconductor",
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11. "NMR observation of the pseudo-solid echoes in molten polyisobutadiene and polyisobutadiene-toluene D8 solutions"
M. Todica, J.P. Cohen-Addad, A.V. Pop, D. Ciurchea,
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12. “EDAX and DRX measurements on Bi:2212 crystals”,
D. Ciurchea
Cited by:
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13"Magnetic Studies on Mn-Substituted Y-Ba-Cu-O",
Pop A V, Gh Ilonca, Ciurchea D, Al Darabont, Borodi G, Pop V and Giurgiu LV J. Alloys Compounds 223(1995) 56
Cited by:
    •Ashok Rao / S Radheshyam / Anirban Das / Bhasker Gahtori / S K Agarwal / Y F Lin / K M Sivakumar / Y-K Kuo, "Effect of Mn doping on the specific heat of the high T C superconductor REBa2Cu3O y (RE = Y,Gd)", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Mar 2006

Prof.Dr. D. Ciurchea
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